FlyZone L-39 Albatros Receiver Ready (RxR) Electric Ducted Fan Radio Control Jet

Jet performace – RC sport ease!Do low passes at 90+ mph!Joining the “Jet Set” has never been easier. At just 25″ from wing tip to wing tip, the L-39 is easy to carry and transport, yet delivers HUGE RC jet pe…

Jet performace – RC sport ease!

Do low passes at 90+ mph!

Joining the “Jet Set” has never been easier. At just 25″ from wing tip to wing tip, the L-39 is easy to carry and transport, yet delivers HUGE RC jet performance with the addition of a 4S LiPo pack (sold separately).

The high-viz trim scheme is already applied. A power system, most onboard gear, and all hardware are ready to go, installed at the factory. And the only assembly that remains is easy and over with in about 15 minutes. Add a compatible micro receiver and charged 4S battery pack of your choice – and your departure time is just minutes after you get to the field.

Give it a hand launch, and it settles down into smooth, easy-handling flight almost immediately. Blip the throttle and it’s suddenly downfield and disappearing fast. Line up for a low pass, push the throttle to the firewall – and feel the rush that you’ve been waiting for.

WARNING : The L-39 requires advanced RC flying skills and is not suitable for beginning or intermediate pilots. It reaches speeds of over 90 mph (145 km/h) and should be flown only at the flying site of an AMA-chartered club. Because it can quickly disappear from sight, pilots should remain focused on the plane at all times.

Features :

  • A brushless power system that pairs a 40A ESC with a high-performance ElectriFly Ammo 24-45-3790 inrunner motor.
  • Fuselage section over the shroud and motor can be removed easily with gentle finger pressure, but holds tight in flight, even at top speed.
  • The realistic cockpit features twin instrument panels as well as two painted pilot figures.
  • Magnets ensure a strong bond, but can be separated quickly for quick battery pack changes or maintenance.
  • Optimized ducting provides exceptionally clean airflow to boost takeoff performance and airspeeds.
  • Includes a lightweight stand that can be used for display inside or as a convenient work platform.
  • Magnetically attached tip tanks add realistic good looks in the air, but will break free during rough landings to prevent damage.
  • Aileron servo and pushrods are included and factory-installed, as are most of the electronics and hardware.

Specifications :

  • Wingspan : 25 inches (635 mm)
  • Wing Area : 141 square inches (9. 1 square decimeter)
  • Weight Range : 24-25 oz (680-710 grams)
  • Wing Loading : 24. 5-25. 5 oz/sq. ft. (75-78 grams/square decimeter)
  • Length : 31 inches (780 mm)

Requires :

  • 4-channel (ideal) or 3-channel (minimum) Radio with Micro Receiver
  • 4S 2200mAh LiPo Battery
  • LiPo-Compatible Battery Charger
  • LiPo Charging Bag
  • Field Equipment

Recommended Products (sold separately) :

  • TACJ2650 Tactic TTX650 6-Channel 2. 4 GHz SLT Computer Radio
  • TACL0625 Tactic TR625 6-Channel 2. 4 GHz SLT Twin Antenna Receiver
  • GPMP0862 ElectriFly 4S 14. 8V 2200mAh 30C LiPo Battery Pack
  • GPMP0751 Great Planes ElectriFly SafeCharge LiPo Charge Bag
  • GPMR6043 Great Planes Pro Epoxy 30-Minute Formula 4 oz
  • HCAR0696 Hobbico Drill Pin Vise 1/16 Collet with 6 Bits

Battery Option (sold separately) :

  • FPWP3224 FlightPower FP30 4S 14. 8V 2200mah 30C LiPo Battery Pack

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